#iamart is a contemporary art project where online personas as projected in social media are interpreted as art, as distinct from being simply biographical records.

It is a work by VJzoo (Kat Black and Jasper Cook) initially developed for the exhibition “Sculpture at Bathers 2013” at Kidogo Art House.

We live in the age of the Narcissistic ‘selfie’. Who we are on social media is a carefully constructed version of ourselves.

Are you the same person in real-life as you are on Facebook? In what ways do you differ, and do you see this as a negative or positive? Are you worried that people may be disappointed with the ‘real’ you if they only know you from your social media profile?

In 2006 Time magazine named ‘you’ as their Person of the Year, with a reflective panel to put your own face on their cover. They intended it as a tribute to user-generated content, but it was also a reflection of the increasing focus on self being enabled by social media. With Facebook this has become an even bigger social phenomenon – the rise of the individual as a superstar in their own life.

What are the implications of an increasingly self-obsessed society?

Contemporary art, in particular conceptual art, is often seen by the wider public as frivolous or indulgent. More traditional mediums such as figurative stone or bronze sculpture are more widely accepted as ‘art’ by society. For this reason we’re using a very traditional marble-look sculptural plinth with a brass plate. Nothing says “this is art” more clearly than a marble plinth! Well, maybe an ornate gold frame does.. and that’s going to be our indoor version :)

Another theme of the work is the changing status of photography. Like when the Kodak Brownie was first introduced, the very nature of photography has been changed by smartphones. We are taking more photographs than ever. 10% of all photos taken up to that point were taken in 2011, and this is increasing steadily. There are over 100 billion photos on Facebook alone.

Aside from making it very difficult for anyone to make a living from photography, how has this democratisation of the medium of photography changed the world we live in?

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